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Do you like my Hakuno? Do you hate my Hakuno? Do you have any comments at all on my roleplaying? Say so here! Anon is on, IP logging is off, and all that jazz. If you'd like to contact me in private, feel free to PM this journal or one of the following:

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Original Trunk Contents:

-- Girl's Uniform: The standard uniform of the Tsukumihara Academy.
-- Portable Terminal: The latest in smart phone technology. EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN. Obvs it won't work here.
-- Scarlet Formal Wear: Armor made from the shroud of a certain saint. Shields the wearer from the outside world. Heals HP and cures status effects.
-- Exorcist's Blade: A small dagger said to have the power to exorcist malevolent spirits. Damage and Stun vs. Enemy Skill. The enemy will be very briefly paralyzed, even if they use a powerful spell or skill.
-- Demonic Atlas: Creates a brief impenetrable wall by predicting every possible movement of your opponent. Nullifies enemy's next attack. No matter the power level, the enemy's next attack will do no damage.
-- Taiga's Picture Frame: A handmade picture frame made by one of Hakuno's teachers. It has a picture of her and Saber in it.

Items Regained/Obtained While in The Tower:
-- Vorpal Blade: Beware the snicker-snack of its keen blade! A sword used to slay the Jabberwock Caster summoned in Round 3. Currently in pieces. (regain gift for participation in the Brainwashing Event)
-- One (1) Coupon to the Restaurant on Floor 21 (gift for being part of Group A in the Brainwashing Event)
-- Mirror: A compact mirror. When Hakuno looks into it, there will be no reflection; it will, however, have perfectly normal reflections whenever anyone else looks into it. ("gift" from the administrators prior to the Individuation Event)
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Title: "The Light Monster"
Stage: Rookie
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Angel
Digivolves From: Cupimon
Digivolves To: D'Arcmon
Crest: ???
A calm, level-headed digimon. Hard to anger. Likely will be a major voice of reason, considering the people that Hakuno tends to attract.
Grand Cross Divine Feet
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----- -----
----- -----

Code by [personal profile] swagu.

Planned Evolutionary Line:
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